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Tangent Oil offers a wide range of a wide range of Primary Cementing Products like Centralizers, FloatEquipments, Bridge Plugs and others from reputed manufacturers from India, China, Europe.


Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizer Hinged, Semi Rigid Type
Welded Bow Spring Centralizer Hinged, Slip on, Rotating Type
Rigid Positive Bow Centralizers Hinged, Slip on, Heavy Duty Slip on Type
Turbolizer Bow Spring Centralizers Non Welded, Welded Type
Solid Rigid Centralizers Straight, Spiral Type Stop Collars

Stop Collars

  • Hinged Bolted Stop Collars
  • Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collars
  • Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars
  • Heavy Duty Set Screw Stop Collars
  • Slip on Aluminum Set Screw Stop Collars

Bridge Plugs Retrievable Bridge Plugs
Top Cementing Plugs Bottom Cementing Plugs
Cement Retainers Milling Tools& other Accessories
Float Shoes Conventional and Advanced Types
Float Collars Conventional and Advanced Types

Specialty tools such as scrapers, wipers and cement baskets are available from reputed OEM.

Applicable Specs API 10D, API5CT
Threads BTC, Vam Top and other Premium connections
Delivery Ex-Stocks, Forward Mill Delivery
Origin India, China, Europe