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Our Products

In order to support, guide, the Operators and Service Providers on the increasing demand for Quality Products from reputed Manufacturers across the Globe, our Product Supply Division is networked with reputed manufacturers in Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, Russia.

We provide swift response to RFQ/Enquiry/Tenders for various products which includes but not limited to:

  • Cementing Products
  • Drill Bits
  • Drilling Mats
  • HDPE Liners
  • Liner Hanger
  • OCTG
  • Wellhead and X-mas Tree System
  • Wire Wrapped Sand Screens

Cementing Products

Tangent Oil offers a wide range of a wide range of Primary Cementing Products like Centralizers, FloatEquipments, Bridge Plugs and others from reputed manufacturers from India, China, Europe.


  • Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizer: Hinged, Semi Rigid Type
  • Welded Bow Spring Centralizer : Hinged, Slip on, Rotating Type
  • Rigid Positive Bow Centralizers : Hinged, Slip on, Heavy Duty Slip on Type
  • Turbolizer Bow Spring Centralizers : Non Welded, Welded Type
  • Solid Rigid Centralizers :Straight, Spiral Type Stop Collars

Stop Collars:

  • Hinged Bolted Stop Collars
  • Hinged Bolted Stop Collars
  • Hinged Set Screw Stop Collars Heavy Duty Set Screw Stop Collars Slip on Aluminium Set Screw Stop Collars
  • Bridge Plugs: Retrievable Bridge Plugs
  • Top Cementing Plugs: Bottom Cementing Plugs
  • Cement Retainers: Milling Tools& other Accessories
  • Float Shoes: Conventional and Advanced Types
  • Float Collars: Conventional and Advanced Types

Specialty tools:Scrapers, Wipers and Cement Baskets are available from reputed OEM.

  • Applicable Specs: API 10D, API5CT
  • Threads: BTC, Vam Top and other Premium connections
  • Delivery: Ex-Stocks, Forward Mill Delivery
  • Origin: India, China, Europe


Tangent Oil is networked with reputed API approved Mills and Distributors in India, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East, Europe, USA.

Casing Specifications

  • OD: Starting from 4 ½’’ to 36’’
  • Grade: Wide range of J/K55, L/N80, C90, C95, T95, P110, Q125, High alloy & Chrome
  • Range: R3
  • Threads: All API Threads, Vam Top, CS Hydril, FOX, and other International Premium Threads. Selected Proprietary Connections & Quick Connect Casings from OEM
  • Applicable Standards: API 5CT (Latest Edition)
  • Delivery: Ex- Stocks & Forward Mill Delivery
  • Welded Casings: ERW/SAW/Spirally welded casings available, as per Client’s requirements

Drill Pipes

  • OD: Starting from 2 3/8’’ to 6 5/8’’
  • Grade: Wide range of E-75, X-95, G-105, S-135 & Others
  • Range: R3
  • Threads: All API and selected proprietary high torque tool joints
  • Applicable Standards: API 5D, 7 & RP 7G (Latest Edition)
  • Delivery: Ex- Stocks & Forward Mill Delivery

Line Pipes

  • OD: Starting from 1/8’’ to 28’’
  • Grade: As per client’s requirements
  • Tool Joints: Bevelled, Square cut, Threaded/Flanged
  • Applicable Standards: AAPI 5L (Latest Edition) ASTM, ASME, API and BS
  • Delivery: Ex- Stocks & Forward Mill Delivery

Tubing Specifications

  • OD: Starting from 1.050" to 4 1/2"
  • Grade: Wide range of J/K 55, N80, L80, C90, C95, T95, P110 and proprietary grades
  • Range: R2
  • Threads: All API Threads, Vam Top, CS Hydril, FOX and other International Premium Threads
  • Applicable Standards: API 5CT (Latest Edition)
  • Delivery: Ex- Stocks & Forward Mill Delivery

Wellhead and Xmas tree system

Tangent Oil offers variety of Oilfield Well head systems and Christmas tree for both onshore and offshore operations including conventional wellheads and most latest technology wellheads for single or multiple zone operations from reputed manufacturers for all working pressure ratings classification (in psi) is 2,000psi to 20,000psi

Wellhead Specifications:
  • Applicable Specs: API 6A (Latest Edition) PSL 1-3 PR 2
  • Rating: 2,000psi – 20,000psi
  • Casing Size: 8 7’’ to 20’’
  • Threads: BTC, Vam Top and International Premium threads
X-Mas Tree Specifications:
  • Applicable Specs: API 6A (Latest Edition) PSL 1-3 PR 2
  • Rating: 2,000psi – 20,000psi
  • Casing Size: 2 1/16’’ to 4 1/16’’
  • Threads: BTC, Vam Top and Premium threads
  • Delivery Period: Ex- Stocks, Forward Mill delivery of 3-8 weeks’ time

Liner Hanger

Tangent Oil offers liner hanger for Oil and Gas well and Geothermal well operations. Our range includes both Mechanical and hydraulic liner hangers of regular sizes, odd sizes and also custom built for requirements with both premium and standard threads. We provide linger hanger accessories such as: Setting tools, Plugs, Sealing Assembly, Landing Collar, Tie-back Assembly, Polished Bore Receptacle and Setting-Ball Carrier Assembly

Hydraulic Liner Hangers
  • Single
  • Multi cone
  • Rotating
  • Non Rotating Types
  • With Inner Slips
Mechanical Liner Hangers
  • Single
  • Double cone
  • With Outer Slips
Running Tools

Liner hanger running tools are provided on both Sale and Rental basis. Liner hanger service and installation at client’s drill site is done by Our OEM Liner Hanger Engineers.

In addition to the liner hanger system we provide Packers, and Completion Jewels as per Client’s requirements

Drilling Mats

Tangent Oil provides Drilling mats which are widely used in Europe and USA by the E & P companies for easy movement of vehicles during monsoon period and as anti-slip board.

Ground Protection Mat System HDPE: Ground protection mats are mainly used in transportation, construction, Oil and Gas, chemical industry in the area of anti-skid. It functions as can cushion the wheel in the sand, mud swamps, snow. This kind of anti-slip board play a role in increasing friction can be a substitute of iron panels/wooden logs.

Applications in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Acts as temporary roadway over virtually any type of terrain – Mud, Sand, Marshy, uneven or soft terrain
  • Can be reused in the same/different locations.
  • Easy to install/ uninstall / re-install

Drill Bits

We are networked with reputed manufacturers of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters (PDC), Natural or synthetic diamond cutters and Rolling cutter of sizes vary from 3 7/8’’ to 36 inches on sale basis and consignment basis.

Type of Bits and applicable International Standards

  • PDC Bits: Tri-cone Bits
  • Diamond Bits: Impregnated Core Bits
  • Hole: Opener/Reamer Bits
  • Applicable Standards: IADC, other International Standards
  • Delivery: Ex- Stocks & Forward Mill Delivery

HDPE Liners

Tangent Oil supply HDPE liner sheet thickness from 100microns to 2000microns for various applications including

  • Waste pit lining
  • Pond lining
  • HF tanks lining
  • Other applications
  • The installation of the liners is done by professionals. Various types of installation like Hand Sealing, Fusion Wedge Welding and Butt Welding shall be done based on the material and requirements..

Wire Wrapped Sand Screens

We are networked with reputed manufacturers of Wire Wrapped Screens from reputed manufacturers in Europe, Asia, GCC countries

We provide:
  • Premium Metal Mesh Screens
  • Sand Free Screens
  • Wire Wrapped Screens
  • Slotted Liners
  • Perforated Liners

Wide range of Size, Grade, Weight, Threads are available. We offer customized screen solution through our OEM. Based on the well data and client requirement we can support on screen selection and customize the design to meet your specific application.

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